Be Good. Be Safe.

Welcome to Bhiyozo Driving School, where thousands of confident drivers have graduated since 2012. If you are ready for an excellent start to your driving future, we offer a mix of experience and professional dedication that you won’t find anywhere else.


Highest Standards

We always follow the best industry practices and standards.

Quality Training

Our professional experts are always ready and able to assist you.

Premium Courses

We offer a wide range of packages to make sure you succeed.


Getting Your LICENSE


With qualified driving instructors, learning to drive with Bhiyozo Driving School is easy. Our instructors are expertly trained and we drive vehicles that are maintained to the highest standards.


Our Code 8 package is R180 per lesson for 10 lessons.

Our Code 10 package is R200 per lesson for 10 lessons.

Our Code 14 package is R350 per lesson for 10 lessons.

Be Free & Mobile With Our Professional Training

Earning a Drivers' License is a privilege that brings you mobility and freedom, but it comes with a great responsibility for safety. We give you valuable experience that will last a lifetime.


Our driving school consists of professional instructors and trained teachers. We are equipped with knowledge of what is required when you go for your license test.

Learning the basics is important to pass your test:
–  Signs
–  Safety rules
–  Road markings
–  Lane changing
–  Blind spots
–  Mirror checks

All this you can learn at a Bhiyozo Driving School.

Being smart on the road takes more than just knowing your rules. At Bhiyozo Driving School we teach you essential road skills and we help make you a smarter driver.

Smart is not only safer it also builds confidence when on the road. Knowing your traffic rules and road signs gives you extra confidence when you are going for your license test.

We help our students to be self-assured and ready for any test coming their way.

The more confidence you have, the better your overall driving abilities will be.

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